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Water Damage

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Water damage can put you in a slippery predicament. Let our experts at Coastline help assist and guide your property back to health. For more information about our water damage restoration services click here

Fire & Smoke Damage

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Fire and Smoke damage leaves your property in a fiery mess. Let our experts at Coastline help assist and guide your property back to health. For more information about our Fire and Smoke damage services click here

Mold Remediation

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Mold buildup effects not just your property, but the quality of air in the environment. Let our experts at Coastline help assist and guide your property back to health. For more information about our mold remediation services click here


Since 1985, Coastline Environmental Solutions has provided dependable Water Damage cleanup & Repairs, Mold Remediation, and Plumbing Services to Long Beach, Ca and surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and certified, and offer 24 hour / 7 Day a week emergency repair services.

When water damage is left untreated, it can turn into dangerous black mold putting you and your family in serious health risk. That is why it is important to only trust an experienced restoration company that has the necessary equipment to properly diagnose and fix any damage found. Our trained technicians have the latest leak detection tools that can find water damage or flooding in unseen areas properly and fast. We also can perform any needed mold testing if there are signs of build up or other potential threats.

Coastline Environmental Solutions, Inc is a full service restoration company that has the proper experience to find, assess, and repair any water or fire damage in your home or commercial office. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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