Learn How To Protect Yourself When Removing Mold

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Learn How To Protect Yourself When Removing Mold

Our Long Beach Mold Removal Technicians say that while it’s best to leave larger mold removal projects to the experts, you can easily tackle smaller amounts of mold with a little elbow grease and tools to protect yourself.

Here are the top three items you need to remove old by yourself.

Why PPE?

It may not seem quite clear why you would need personal protection equipment. Always remember, mold is just a fungus! The fact is mold spores are microscopic and easily inhaled. Mold inhalation can lead to:

  • Allergic breathing reactions
  • Dermal reactions
  • Exacerbated asthma

While it’s not exactly deadly, mold inhalation is certainly a nuisance and easy enough to get away from. Here’s a few ways to so.

Wear a Mask/Respirator

This is a simple, common sense piece of PPE that’s indispensable when cleaning mold. Our Long Beach Mold Remediation Technicians say a face mask can filter out mold particles and other debris to keep you from feeling any ill effects.

Don’t just get any mask though. Our Long Beach Mold Remediation Technicians suggest you look for an N-95 or N-99 respirator mask. They will filter out 95 percent and 99 percent of all particles respectively.

Cover Your Hair

Like paper shower caps, our Long Beach Mold Restoration experts say disposable hair covers are essential to keeping mold spores in check.

Furthermore, they’ll help prevent the spores from getting in your hair and getting tracked around the building and spreading mold growth. Simply take them off when you’re done.

Protect Your Eyes

While it’s not the first thing you think of, getting eye protection is as important of a step in safely removing mold.

Our Long Beach Mold Remediation Technicians say safety goggles can keep mold and debris from your eyes, preventing allergies or worse, retinal damage from large debris stirred up during mold removal. 

Moreover, our Long Beach Mold Remediation TechniciansProtect yourself during small mold removal jobs with these basics. Or, if you’re ready to have a pro tackle it, contact an experienced Long Beach <old Remediation expert.