Make Your Spring Cleaning Easier With These Simple Steps

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Make Your Spring Cleaning Easier With These Simple Steps

Whenever you hear the word spring you might associate it with cleaning or a fresh start.

Spring cleaning is no small project. As a matter of fact, it can often turn into a huge project that some of us may give up on. To make your spring cleaning tasks a little more manageable, here are a few tips from our Long Beach Rug and Carpet Cleaners that can help you tackle a dirty house.

Make a List of What Needs to Be Cleaned in Each Room

Lists can often help people stay organized — especially if you have a project, like spring cleaning, on your plate. Before you get started, walk through each room and write down what needs to get done, says SpareFoot.

Writing a list out also helps to make sure you have all the cleaning materials you need before you start, potentially saving some time later. No one wants to stop everything to run out and buy more carpet cleaning solution.

Create a Playlist

Our Long Beach Carpet and Rug Cleaners suggest you consider putting together a cleaning playlist. Listening to music while cleaning may assist you in making things go by quicker. You can also play or stream your favorite music.

Clean One Room at a Time

It’s quite simple to get overwhelmed when you want to clean your complete home all together. For example, if you can work on at least two or three rooms each weekend, you’ll get a lot more done and still have free time on the side.


As you go through each room, make sure to declutter, says HGTV. Recycle old magazines and papers from the previous year. Put items you no longer use or need, like that sweater you bought three years ago but never wear, into a box to donate.

You may also want to keep a record of your donations. Once you’re done cleaning your whole house, itemize your donate pile because you may be able to deduct those donations on your taxes.

Set A Timer

It’s hard to stay on track when cleaning. You may find items you’ve forgotten or old photographs, and before you know it you’ve spent the entire day cleaning just one closet.

Our Long Beach Carpet and Rug Cleaning experts suggest you set a timer so you don’t fall into this trap. You can also use the timer to give yourself a small break every once in a while.

Recruit Some Help

Don’t do all the cleaning yourself. Recruit your kids, significant other or roommates to help you out, says The Spruce. When you can divvy up the work, it will hopefully take less time than if you do it all by yourself.

Begin At the Top and Work Your Way To The Bottom

This is just the law of gravity — clean from the top of the ceiling to the floor, says Dengarden.  

Knock all the dusty cobwebs from the corner, wash the curtains, clean the windows, dust the furniture, vacuum the furniture and finally, vacuum the floor.

Use Natural Cleaners

A handful of Long Beach Carpet and Rug Cleaners say that a handful of chemical-based cleaners emit hazardous fumes. In addition, some cleaners when mixed together can even emit toxic fumes that can severely hurt you.

No matter what cleaners you use, our Long Beach Carpet and Rug Cleaners advise that you always remember to read the labels.

If you’re looking for alternatives to cleaning products, some people use vinegar as a substitute in the bathroom or kitchen and as a general household cleaning solution.

Be Patient & Trust The Process

Don’t forget to work smarter, not harder. Take your time and let grimy surfaces, such as the ones in your bathroom and kitchen, soak in your cleaning solution. Our Long Beach Carpet and Rug Cleaners recommend you work on something else on your list while your cleaner does the hard work.

Reward Yourself For A Good Job

For the most part, having something to look forward to at the end of a long day of cleaning sure makes things go faster. Plus, you worked hard and deserve it. Treat yourself.