Learn The Proper Way To Handle Water Dripping From The Light Fixtures

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Learn The Proper Way To Handle Water Dripping From The Light Fixtures

Long Beach Water Damage Experts say that even though you might think any drastic water leaks you’d come across in your home would materialize from something such as a faulty toilet or a leaky faucet, discovering draining water in your lighting fixtures is actually a frequent occurrence.

If you are new to the issue it can be difficult to figure out where to begin in dealing with the water leak and ceiling damage.

To help make things easier, here are 3 essential steps from our Long Beach Water Damage Repair Experts.

Turn Off The Electricity For Your Home Through The Breaker Box

Whilst just shutting off the light button of the affected lighting might appear that the ideal alternative, this can be a little dangerous and ought to be prevented if at all possible.

Our Long Beach Water Damage Repair Experts say that any contact with the electrical current from the fixture and the source of water can cause electric shock, so going straight to the breaker box is crucial to staying safe.

Close Off The Water Supply To Cease Any Leaks

Although the electricity is off, it’s also essential to contain the spread of water by shutting off the main water valve to your home.

Our Long Beach CA Water Damage Professionals say that depending on where the water from the light fixture is currently coming from, leaving the water flowing can create ceiling damage or extensive problem areas in your walls.

Contact A Qualified Long Beach Water Damage Repair Technician To Help Address The Issue

As soon as you have contained the area as safely as you can, it is ideal to let an experienced Long Beach Water Damage Restoration technician handle the cleanup.

After the source of the leak has been repaired and the consequent damage assessed and revived, an electrician can then suitably fix your affected lighting fixtures, as well.

Be Prepared For Abnormal Water Leaks

Whilst finding water at a light fixture can be an abnormal sight to experience on your Long Beach, CA home, it’s not as dangerous or damaging to your home than any other water leak on the property.

For this reason, it is pivotal to take action right away and call upon a professional Long Beach Water Damage Professional to assist in restoring your home before any more damage occurs.