Rooms That Get Flooded The Most In A Home From Water Damage

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Rooms That Get Flooded The Most In A Home From Water Damage

A majority of Long Beach Water Damage Restoration Experts say that water damage can happen anywhere in a home, from a leaky roof to damage after a storm to appliance malfunction. However, while water damage can appear anywhere, there are specific rooms within a home that generally tend to see more floods and leaks than other rooms, and which will require more water damage repair.

Here are the four most common danger zones for possible flooding inside a residential home.

The Basement

Probably the number one flooded room in a home, the basement poses many chances for flooding. First of all, basements often contain at least one appliance that can malfunction and leak (such as a washer, pipes, or the water heater).

Basements can also have wall cracks that allow water from the ground outside to seep in. Furthermore, many families use their basements solely for storage–meaning they rarely move into it. This means that leaks and other water damage may go unnoticed for weeks at a time. This will obviously be a huge problem that calls for drastic water damage repair.

To prevent basement water damage, our Long Beach Water Damage Repair Experts suggest you make sure to go down and check for problems, such as indications of moisture, a musty smell, and any signs of mold.

The Laundry Room

We love our washing machines, but they are the culprits behind a handful of household floods. Hoses burst and washing machines overflow — and this can leave a big mess, which will call for a whole lot of water damage repair.

Unfortunately, sometimes washers just malfunction. The best way to avoid a problem before it starting is to observe it completely. If you see it acting up or leaking even a bit, repair it becoming a bigger issue.

The Bathroom

There is a tremendous amount of water in a bathroom that it’s quite common for there to be water damage issues. These issues can include things such as improperly sealed showers, toilets, and tubs; leaky faucets, and mould.

So as to maintain your bathroom from suffering from water damage, our Long Beach Water Damage experts suggest you make sure to regularly maintain it and keep it as well-ventilated as possible.

The Kitchen

Dishwashers. Sinks. Refrigerators. The kitchen has so many opportunities for floods and leaks. Serious leaks have been caused by all of these appliances, and pipes under the sink can be a big problem, too.

Moreover, our Long Beach Water Damage Repair experts suggest you pay close attention to any strange “behavior” from any of these appliances. Make sure they are maintained and working properly to avoid any water damage. If anything is leaking, take care of it sooner rather than later!

What To Do First

In the event of flooding, it’s easy to panic and forget what should be done before anything else. If there’s standing water from a flood, you will need to immediately switch off the main power source, if it’s in a dry area. Finally, also remember to never turn off power while standing in water! If the main power supply is in a wet area, you should call an electrician.