How To Deal WIth Flood And Water Damage In Your Home

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How To Deal WIth Flood And Water Damage In Your Home

Even though you may want to go solo with the cleanup, it is pivotal to understand the drastic risk you will be taking. When large amounts of water infiltrate a home, a lot of the resulting damage is not visible.

Hidden Water Damage

Water will seep into foundation cracks, soak drywall and insulation, remain in carpet padding, and in each case, can lead to structural damage when propagating the development of mould and mildew.

Water Damage Restoration Professionals

Calling in water removal professionals will allow the use of state of the art instrumentation, tools and drying equipment, providing quality service. Depending on the type and severity of the flood, it would be smart to relocate until the water removal, restoration, and sanitation procedures have been completed.

Evacuation Kit and Checklist

Being properly prepared for an emergency goes beyond knowing how to respond the right way. In addition, having an evacuation kit ready to go at all times (with a checklist) will assist you when it is time to go. The contents of your evacuation kit should include:

  • Several changes of clothes (per person)
  • Flashlights
  • Certified copies of personal documentation
  • Certified copies of deeds, titles, wills, etc..
  • Spare keys (safe deposit, vehicle, etc.)
  • Emergency contacts and phone numbers
  • Copies of insurance information and phone numbers
  • Spare chargers for mobile phones, tablets, and computers
  • Books/Toys to keep everyone occupied
  • A checklist of easy to grab valuables and essential items for you and your family