Understanding The Risk That Come With Water Heater Leakage

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Understanding The Risk That Come With Water Heater Leakage

Leakage in your water heater should be cause for concern. However, many people don’t know there is a problem. This is usually because water heaters are hidden in garages, utility closets, or basements.

These are places most people don’t pay much attention to. It’s easy to overlook a water heater leaking if it isn’t noticed right away. You could be at risk of the following damage if a water heater leak is not detected immediately.

Property Damage

Long Beach Water Damage Experts say that property damage is the number one threat from a leaking water heater. If a leak isn’t found immediately, it’s likely that water has been lingering in one spot for quite some time. This means that your floors, walls, and belongings could be damaged. Water heaters can leak so it is important to keep your belongings away from them.

Contaminated water

Long Beach Water Damage Experts believe that water heaters can leak because of rusty connections which eventually fail. It’s possible that your water supply is contaminated by rust if rust is the cause of the leak. This is why you won’t want your family to drink rusty water, or take a bath or shower with water that’s contaminated.


Long Beach Water Damage Experts can tell you that mold growth is possible when there is still water. Mold can have a negative impact on your family’s mood, and it can also affect the health of other members of the household. Mold can make your asthma symptoms worse if it’s present in your home. Mold can also worsen allergies in those with asthma.


This is a serious concern if your water heater is near any appliance that requires electricity. The danger of electrocution is high for children, pets, or anyone in the household if water comes into contact with electric devices.

What to do if your water heater is leaking?

First, call a Long Beach plumber. To determine the best course of action, you will need to diagnose the problem. If there is a leak and any appliances are plugged in near the problem, you should turn off the circuit breaker.

Do not step in water or over standing water, and never unplug an electric cord. This can be dangerous and could lead to electrocution. Keep the area clear of foot traffic. Keep children and pets away from the area.

There are many reasons why water heaters can leak. Long Beach Water Damage Experts advise that you don’t wait until your water heater has a problem to seek help. You are more likely to suffer water damage or mold growth if you wait longer.