Understanding Why The Water Is Always Cold

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Understanding Why The Water Is Always Cold

The biggest plumbing problem is cold water, even when it should be hot. This is especially true if you are looking to take a relaxing bath. There are a few reasons that cold water is not hot enough. Here are the main ones.

There are way too many appliances running

Although plumbing and heated water are modern marvels, it doesn’t mean that you can run your dishwasher without cold water. This is one of the easiest problems you can solve. Just don’t do them all at once. Instead, schedule the chores at different times.

Your water heater tank is too small for your home

You may find that your water heater tank is too small to provide the hot water you require. This can be overcome by running fewer appliances at once. If this is not possible, you might want to speak to a Long Beach plumber about a replacement water heater.

Your Burner is not working the right way

The main reason your water heater is not working well could be quite obvious. Your gas burner could also be responsible for your cold water. It’s impossible to heat water if it isn’t working properly.

You can check the flame underneath the heating unit to confirm this. Long Beach Plumbers advise that the flames should not be blue with yellow tips.

Sediment buildup in your water tank

Water can sometimes settle at the bottom, which can cause uneven heat.

This will cause the water tank to burst, and you’ll need to have it flushed by a plumber or water damage expert in Long Beach, CA.