Get Instant Water Damage Repair And Protect Your Health

Get Instant Water Damage Repair And Protect Your Health

One of the most important considerations regarding water damage, is its potential to have adverse effects on your health. It is crucial to be aware of the health hazards associated with flooding so that you do not suffer any health problems.

Water Damage Repair in Long Beach, CA

Common Water Damage Health Hazards

  • Contaminated water damage
  • Mold Growth
  • Structural damage
  • Unwanted Pests & Critters

Contaminated Water

Floodwater contaminated with contaminants is one of the most dangerous hazards you face during a flood. Floodwater can contain contaminants that could pose a danger to your health. There are three levels of contaminated water.

Clean water is the first. Floodwater that is clean and free from bacteria or microorganisms is considered safe to drink.

Gray water refers to floodwater with a moderate level of contamination. Gray water is when water in a toilet bowl contains urine, but not feces.

Black water refers to floodwater containing raw sewage and harsh chemicals. Black water can be extremely dangerous, so you should avoid any contact with it. Black water contact can cause serious diseases such as hepatitis and cryptosporidiosis.

Mold Growth

Water damage can often lead to mold growth. Mold can grow quickly after a flood, so it is crucial that you get rid of the flood damage as soon as possible.

Mold growth doesn’t usually occur immediately after a flood. Mold can take at least several days to spread throughout your home. Then it will be too much to cause serious health problems. Mold can cause respiratory problems, such as sore throats, coughing, and sneezing.

Structural damage

Water damage can sometimes cause structural damage to your house, although it is not always the case. This can be dangerous if the damage is not immediately visible but is severe. This can lead to your home collapsing unavoidably.

A professional Long Beach water damage and cleaning technician will know the right things to look for. You will feel safer and your home will receive the necessary work to fix the structural damage.

Unwanted Pests & Critters

A flooded home invites rodents such as termites, bees, cockroaches, rats, and termites to enter. These unwelcome critters can often carry disease and dangerous bacteria.

This can be avoided by getting started as soon as possible with the cleaning and water damage repairs process after a flood. This will reduce the likelihood of these pests getting into your home.