Great Ways To Identify And Restore Flood Damage

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Great Ways To Identify And Restore Flood Damage

Flood damage can cause irreparable damage to any property or business. Water damage can occur due to natural disasters, plumbing problems, faulty appliances, or damaged exteriors (roofings, sidings, foundations, etc.). Neglect. Water damage to a business or home can lead to serious structural problems and health-threatening dangers if it is not dealt with immediately.

Signs of Water Damage or Flood

  • Musty odour
  • Metals quickly rust
  • Drywall appears warped or bloated
  • Wood, walls or ceilings that are discolored
  • Mold growth
  • Drooping or sagging ceiling

You should contact a professional flooding damage cleanup company in Long Beach CA if your property has been damaged by water or has been flooded.

Flood damage can be disastrous if you’re not experienced or have poor equipment.

Identify the source of flooding

Although flood water may be easily identifiable, in some cases the source of the floodwater can be hidden from view and not be detected until extensive damage has been done. Storms and rivers overflows can bring water in from the outside.

It can be more difficult to find the source of water that comes from indoors. Pipes can burst in unexpected places, and could become submerged by flooding.

Water can seep through cracks in roofs, walls, windows or foundations. This is less severe flooding and often goes unnoticed for long periods of time.

Water Classification based on Sanitation Level

Flood water is divided into three different categories: black, gray, and white. The water’s sanitation level determines the category classification.

Whitewater is the purest of all three categories. This category is free from biological and chemical threats. Leaky faucets, overflowing water heaters and rain are all common sources of white water. It is usually the easiest to repair because it isn’t hazardous.

Graywater is next and is usually made up of wastewater that does not pose a threat to humans or other living organisms.

Gray water is typically found in sinks, tubs and showers. Gray water, while not necessarily clean or fresh, is the easiest category of water damage to repair.

Blackwater is the last and most dangerous category. Black water can contain harmful bacteria and toxic chemicals that can cause property damage and pose a danger to a person’s health.

Black water is typically composed of toilet water, sewer, and appliance runoff (washing machine, dishwater) that has come into contact with harmful chemicals or bacteria. Black water is the most difficult category to clean. This type of water can be safely removed from your home or workplace using specialized equipment, safety gear and expert techniques.

The Hidden Damage – A team of professional Long Beach Water Damage Restoration experts will see what you can’t see. High-tech equipment can be used for mapping the damage that is not visible. These are the areas where floodwater seeped into tiny cracks and crevasses.

The most destructive damage to your home or business is the one you don’t see. It may not appear until weeks later. Calling in professionals Long Beach Water Damage Restoration Company will save you money over the long-term.