Great Ideas On What To Do After A Water Damage Mishap In Your Home

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Great Ideas On What To Do After A Water Damage Mishap In Your Home

These are essential facts to know in case your home is damaged by water. It is crucial to act quickly. Do not go into an area that has been flooded with water unless you are informed by a professional about the safety of doing so.

These steps will help you dry and clean your house.

Open your doors and windows to let in fresh air. Protect yourself from potential mold, mildew and other allergens by wearing a mask.

 Disconnect power immediately and unplug electronics

– Remove as much water as possible. Use old towels, buckets and mops to absorb as much water possible.

Dry the area. Dry the area with fans and a humidifier after you have removed all water.

– Cleanse. After the area has dried, including any wood beams or insulation, you can apply a disinfectant. This will kill any bacteria that might have entered through sewers or toilets.

-Remove any damaged items. It can be tempting to throw everything into a dumpster and forget about it. By organizing your unwanted goods into piles, you can reduce landfill pressure.

These are the risks to be aware of:

  • Gas leaks – If you smell gas in the home, call your utility company immediately.
  • Chemicals When cleaning is complete, ensure that you are well ventilated and reduce your exposure to and contact with contaminants. Cleaning can expose you, even to chemicals and floodwaters.
  • Electric shock There is a danger of electric shock in wet basements. Do not use outlets that have been damaged.
  • Sewage Pollutants Sewage may contain bacteria or transmit diseases. Floodwaters may contain raw sewage. Always wear protective items like gloves, safety glasses, or a mask. Wash thoroughly after contacting sewage, or any items that have been contaminated by it.