What Does Mold Smell Like and Knowing How To Identify It


What Does Mold Smell Like and Knowing How To Identify It

Sometimes it can be difficult to trust your nose. Your sense of smell is your best defense against mold. What does mold smell like? And what can you do if mold is growing in your home or office? Mold can smell earthy, musty or rotten wood. Mold can emit microbial volatile organic chemicals (MVOCs) as it grows, which is a very unpleasant odor. You should also pay attention to any new or worsening odors.

Mold: Why is it a problem?

Mold can cause serious health problems for your home and family. Here are some reasons to be cautious about mold.

  • Mold can quickly spread and cause property damage. Mold can grow in 24 to 48 hours under moist conditions. Mold can quickly spread once it has established itself, especially if your home is full of mold-loving items like wood, carpet, and wallpaper.
  • Mold could cause serious health problems for you or your family. Mold can also cause irritation to your eyes, nose and throat.

What is the best time to call a professional mold remediation company?

You should contact a local Long Beach Mold Removal Expert if you suspect you have ingested mold. Mold remediation professionals usually have the tools and training necessary to locate hidden mold. This is particularly important if you haven’t yet seen or smelled mold. They can also perform air quality tests to determine the source of the smell if they are unable to locate mold.

Professionals can remove mold from your home once it is found. Long Beach mold remediation specialists use a special process called “mold remediation” to remove any trace of mold from your house. They then work with you to address the root cause of the mold.