Knowing and Learning What Impacts Indoor Air Quality

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Knowing and Learning What Impacts Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Environmental Quality (IAQ), is another term for indoor air quality. Clean, fresh indoor air is essential for your health, comfort, and workability. Some air contaminants can have an immediate effect on your health. Others can persist for many years.

Ventilation. Poor airflow can cause pollutants to escape from your home. You should allow fresh outside air into your home. Mechanical ventilation systems are a great way of improving indoor air quality and exchange.

HVAC contaminants. Dust, dirt and other debris can build up in your heating and cooling system’s ductwork. If your HVAC system is not properly maintained, these particles could spread to other areas of your home. It is essential to maintain your HVAC system. Make sure to have your ducts cleaned.

Humidity, Water. Mold growth may be accelerated when there is water damage from flooding or roof leaks. If mold is found, a professional should inspect it and help to remediate. Mold can still be found in your home, even if it is not easily visible. For mold testing in your Long Beach home, call our Mold Remediation Service experts.

Toxic chemicals. Some cleaning products contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals can remain in the air for long periods of time after they have been used. To ensure your safety, use non-toxic products as much as you can to improve indoor air quality.