Critical Ways You Can Effortlessly Maximize The Lifespan Of Your Water Pipes

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Critical Ways You Can Effortlessly Maximize The Lifespan Of Your Water Pipes

Your home’s water pipes are an essential part of your home. However, if your water pipes burst or crack, you could have large quantities of water flooding your home. It is also costly to replace damaged or worn pipes.

These five tips can help you avoid these two possible outcomes.

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Keep the water pressure at the correct level

The ideal home water pressure should be between 40 and 45 PSI. Your water output will slow if the pressure is too low. Too much pressure can lead to pipes cracking. Call a plumber or water damage restoration expert immediately if your water pressure drops, or rises.

Regularly clean your drains

Your pipes will accumulate gunk and other debris over time. Over time, the gunk will build up in your pipes. This can be prevented by having your drains cleaned at least once per year. This will extend the life of your pipes, and it will also save you money in the long-term.

Don’t flush anything down the drain that doesn’t belong there

This is common sense. You should never flush anything down your toilet that isn’t supposed to. To put it another way, you should only flush toilet paper down your toilet. Any other material can cause pipes to clog.

Instead, use natural drain cleaners

To clear the blockage, chemical drain cleaners are available. They can also cause pipe damage over time. A drain snake is better than any chemical. It will clear your drains of blockages without the use of toxic chemicals.

Slow drains should not be overlooked

All the methods mentioned above are designed to lower pressure in your pipes. Slow drains are usually an indication that something is wrong with your pipes.

Increased pressure will almost always cause more damage and lead to blockages. If there is more pressure, your pipes will be less efficient and wear out faster.

Don’t wait to get your water tested if it is slowly leaking. Try snaking the drain or plunging it immediately. If that fails, call a professional. Don’t leave slow drains unattended. It will not get any better and it will continue causing damage to your pipes.