Learn How Humidity Damages Your Home and How To Go Against It

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Learn How Humidity Damages Your Home and How To Go Against It

Humidity is one of the “unseen” forces that can cause serious damage to your home. High or low humidity can cause serious damage to your home and lead to a host of health issues, including asthma, allergies, dry skin and respiratory illness.

Make sure to continue reading to find out how humidity affects your home and how you can combat it.

High humidity can cause damage to your home

These are the top three ways that high humidity can cause damage to your house:

Toxic mold growth

High humidity (62% to 93%) combined with warm temperatures, a food source and warm temperatures creates the perfect environment for toxic mold growth.

Mold infestations found around your HVAC system, refrigerators, and dishwashers, as well as around tubs and faucets in the kitchen and bathroom, could indicate that there is high humidity in your home.

Furniture and furniture that is rotten

Humidity can make wood very vulnerable. High humidity can lead to wood stains and mold growth, which eventually leads into rotting.

Moisture problems can cause warping, splitting and cupping of hardwood floors, cabinets and furniture. Most forms of moisture-induced wood damage are irreversible.

Carpets that are damaged

Carpets can become irritated by humidity, which is why it is often not obvious to homeowners. High humidity can lead to mold and bacteria buildup and rippling as well as tough stain and other types of damage. You may also attract pests that can be harmful to your family. You should be aware that organic carpets, such as wool and other natural fibers, are more susceptible to moisture problems.

Wallpaper and paint damage

High humidity can cause chipping wallpapers and wall paint to peel around your home. This problem is especially severe for exterior walls. The problem can worsen if moisture seeps through your walls, causing structural problems.

How to control humidity in your home

Preventive measures are better than curative. These are some easy ways to manage humidity in your house:

Turn on the AC

A great way to cool your space and dehumidify it is to turn on the AC during hot weather. As a result of cooling, air conditioners remove moisture from the air.

Install a whole-house humidifier

It can be hard to notice high humidity until it causes damage to your home and/or illness to your family. A whole-house humidifier may be an investment if you live in an area with high humidity. This device maintains normal humidity levels in your home.

It draws in air, removes moisture, and then returns the air to your home. Many dehumidifiers have sensors and readers that allow you to monitor the humidity in your home.

Move your house plants

The beauty of plants makes them a great decorative piece for your home. Too many plants can lead to increased humidity. If you live in humid regions, it is important to not overcrowd your home with plants. To grow beautiful and healthy plants, it is best to create a shaded area around your home.

Hang your laundry outside

Higher humidity levels are caused by anything that can produce moisture. It’s best to dry your clothes outdoors in summer so they can dry quickly and without becoming more humid.

Keep your gutters clean

Water leakage in your home can be caused by clogged gutters. While a gutter system can help protect your home from moisture, it must be properly aligned. You should inspect your gutter for cracks or holes, and make repairs immediately.

You must also clear out the drainpipes and downspouts of any debris. To prevent water from seeping into your foundation and causing moisture problems, make sure that the overhangs extend at least 18 inches.

Get your carpet cleaned today

Regular cleaning will make your carpets last longer. Regular cleaning is the best way for carpets to stay clean and prevent irreversible damage.

If your carpets have been damaged by high humidity, you should not throw them out. There are specialist carpet cleaners who can clean carpets that have been damaged, especially if they are mold-resistant. These services can restore your carpet’s original condition.

Last words

It is important to keep the humidity in your home under control. This will help preserve the property’s beauty and prevent the development of health problems. There are many options for humidity management, including installing dehumidifiers and regularly cleaning your carpets. This article should have given you some ideas on how to address humidity problems in your home, and prevent costly damage.