Understanding the Essential Benefits of Dehumidification

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Understanding the Essential Benefits of Dehumidification

Water damage is one of the most destructive types of home damage. Mold growth can also be caused by water damage to carpets and walls. We all know how important it can be to be aware about flooding and leaky pipes. Mold growth can be caused by excessive humidity. Dehumidification will make your home safe from mold.

How does dehumidification help prevent mold?

Mold spores are everywhere and can easily get into your home without you even knowing. They can’t be stopped from growing but can be controlled.

Mold can thrive in damp areas of your house. Indoor mold can thrive at as low as 60 percent.

What causes humidity in my house?

How can humidity get out of control? These are the main causes of humidity in your home:

  • Badly ventilated bathrooms and kitchens. Water can buildup in the bathrooms and kitchens from cooking and showering. Condensation on ceilings and walls can lead to mold growth.
  • Leakage of pipes or appliances. They can also cause water damage and increase humidity.
  • Humidity. Humidity is an indicator of humidity in your home. Humidity levels can soar in your home during the summer months.

Dehumidification helps you control humidity. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends indoor humidity should be maintained between 30 and 60% to prevent mold growth.

When is the best time to call a professional?

If you notice condensation in your home, a professional dehumidifier installer is recommended. High humidity can be prevented by taking proper care.

Call a professional if you see or smell mold.

Mold removal can be a complicated process. Mold remediation is a process that involves the use of tools and training to remove mold.

Mold remediation includes:

  • Mold must be contained carefully to avoid spreading during removal.
  • Reconstruction or removal of mold in your home.
  • This will help you identify and fix the mold-caused high humidity. Mold spores can be found all year round so don’t forget to fix the humidity.