Tips On How Smart Devices Can Aid In Preventing Water Damage In Your Home

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Tips On How Smart Devices Can Aid In Preventing Water Damage In Your Home

Even if your property is equipped with SMART technology it’s still susceptible to water damage. You need to quickly identify the problem so that you don’t have to pay for costly insurance claims. Smart devices make it easier than ever for you to avoid problems.

We used to depend on signals like smoke and mold to tell us when it was too late. Smoke detectors and water leak monitors will alert you if there is a danger.

Best Fire & Leak Prevention Device

Water damage due to faulty appliances, burst pipes and severe weather are the most common causes of home disasters. These smart devices can help you identify potential problems before they happen.

Alarm Flood/Freeze Sensor

Ring costs $35 and can save you thousands of dollars on water damage repair. The sensor can be installed under any appliance with a water source. The sensor will notify you if low temperatures or water are detected. To prevent water damage and leakage, these devices can be placed around your home. An Alarm Security System must be connected to Ring.

Alarm Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alert

The ring makes common smoke detectors and CO2 smarter! This adds extra protection to your home, and alerts you when it goes off. This is a great help in cases where your home is not being used or the detector goes off. This will alert you and send authorities to reduce smoke and fire damage. Ring Alarms are required for the detector to work.

Smart Home Water Monitor by StreamLabs

The StreamLab Water Monitor $169 is a more powerful, but also more expensive option. The device can be placed anywhere you want, and will take complete control of your home. The ring is similar to the ring but it’s more powerful. This device uses monitoring pipes to detect moisture in walls and other hard-to-reach places..

The monitor can learn from your actions and will be more sensitive if you tell them that you aren’t there. Even a small leak can cause significant water damage.

You can protect your family from water damage, fires and other hazards. It is crucial to identify the problem as soon as possible so that it does not become a problem.