Best Equipment to Help Restore Your Commercial Property after Water Damage

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Best Equipment to Help Restore Your Commercial Property after Water Damage

Water damage to commercial properties, such as hospitals and hotels, medical facilities and schools, churches and tribal properties, can be devastating. Property managers and business owners must act fast to stop further damage and restore the property to its original condition.

It can be stressful to face emergency situations or the urgent need for help.

You can quickly get your daily operations back on track.

Business may need to be suspended when water damage occurs, increasing the stress. Property managers and business owners need to restore their normal daily operations as quickly as possible. Modern cleaning equipment and procedures are essential for the quick restoration of commercial property.

Water damage emergencies should be addressed quickly

Unresolved water damage can cause irreparable damage to commercial properties, disrupting businesses, driving customers away, and creating even more problems. Water can seep through porous materials, and then be absorbed. Mold, mildew and decay can cause more damage.

Modern restoration equipment is capable of restoring the most severe water damage disasters within a very short time. Extracting, dehumidifying and air moving machines are quick solutions that provide welcome results.

What water damage restoration equipment do you need?

It is crucial to use the right equipment to clean up water damage to protect your commercial property.

Knowing what type of help you require before an emergency occurs will allow you to know what to tell a technician or restoration company when you call them.

An understanding of water restoration equipment will allow you to know which equipment is required and why. Here are our recommendations:

  • Truck-mounted vacuums – Professionals are required to use this essential piece of equipment to remove water from commercial properties. Although it looks similar to a vacuum, it is extremely effective in water cleanup. It can quickly absorb water. It can’t be submerged as it is powered solely by electricity.
  • Dehumidifiers – High humidity can cause moisture problems to grow and possibly cause more damage to your property. After a flood, a dehumidifier can be a vital piece of equipment. Dehumidifiers with high capacities can remove large amounts of water. These dehumidifiers prevent mold and mildew from growing on commercial property. Low temperature dehumidifiers keep humidity levels at half the normal level and help to restore property that has been damaged. A dehumidifier is especially important for people who have allergies to mold or mildew and spend time in the damaged building.
  • Air mover –Air blowers, which are very powerful fans that drive air into the flooded areas to speed up drying, are called . They circulate air to prevent mold and mildew growth. They are great on carpeting and carpet pad (located underneath the carpeting). Because of their high-powered capabilities, they work quickly.
  • Negative Air Machines–These machines trap and filter contaminants in the air. If sewage water has flooded buildings, microorganisms need to be removed. This will make the commercial space safe, clean, and dry.

Act quickly to minimize damage

It is crucial to quickly contact a professional water restoration company with modern equipment if your commercial property is hit by flooding or disaster. The ability to dry water damaged areas quickly helps to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. The quicker everything is dried the better.

Mold can grow if moisture isn’t addressed quickly. This can lead to damage to drywall, wood framing and other building materials. You will need to replace any drywall or other building elements that are damaged if it continues.

It is costly to not act quickly after water damage occurs

If water damage is not addressed quickly, it can cause irreversible and costly damage to your commercial property.

  • Wood – Hardwood floors in commercial buildings can swell and become damaged.
  • Fabric -Some fabric, like the one on your sofa or chair, can shrink.
  • Metal -Rusted metals such as doorknobs and hinges can cause damage.

The water damage repair process for commercial properties

The simplest solution to complex problems is quick restoration of your property.

  • Water is removed by professionals first
  • Next, they dry your building
  • They also prevent further damage from happening.

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