Tips On How to Fix a Leaky Shower Head

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Tips On How to Fix a Leaky Shower Head

Leaky shower heads can be frustrating and costly for homeowners. Leakage can not only cause water waste but can also cause mold growth or water damage. Most homeowners can repair a leaky faucet. This blog will show you how to fix a leaking shower head.

Step 1 Turn off the water supply

The first step for fixing a broken shower head is to turn off your water supply. This can usually be done by either shutting off main water supply to your home or closing the water valve designed for your shower. Once the water supply is shut off, turn the shower on to release any remaining pressure.

Step 2 Remove the showerhead

Next, you will need to remove the head from the shower. You can remove the showerhead using pliers or a wrench. Take care not to damage the shower arm by removing it.

Step 3 Clean the showerhead

You should inspect the shower head after it is removed. Unclean or clogged showerheads can result in water leaking around its edges or an uneven flow of water. Clean your showerhead using a toothbrush or a small scrubber. To dissolve heavy mineral buildup on the shower head, you might need to soak it with vinegar and water.

Step 4 Replace the Shower Head Washer

A worn or damaged washer will cause leaky shower heads most often. For cracks, tears, and damage to the washer, inspect it inside the showerhead. If the washer becomes damaged, you should replace it with another one. There are replacement washers available at most hardware and home-improvement stores. A washer should be sized and shaped to match the shower head.

Step 5 Reassemble the Showerhead

After you have replaced the washer, put the shower head back together by screwing the arm onto the showerhead. Use a wrench to secure the shower head, but be careful not overtighten it.

Step 6 Turn on the Water Supply

Once the showerhead is reassembled turn on water and test the shower. Make sure you have fixed the leak and water is flowing from the shower head evenly.

Preventing Shower Head Leaks

Avoiding leaks in the shower head is always the best option. Leaks can often be prevented by cleaning and maintaining your showerhead regularly. You can also get a water softener installed to prevent mineral buildup. It is important to immediately deal with any indications of a leakage such as mold growth and water stains.

Repairing a leaky faucet is an easy task that most homeowners can do. It is important to turn off the main water supply. Shower head leaks are preventable. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent leaks, and prolong the lifespan of your showerhead.