3 Important Health-Related Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

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We all know that cleaning your carpet will extend its life and make your home look nicer in the process. However, studies say that carpet cleaning comes with some health benefits as well. Do you or one of your family members suffer from breathing-related disorders such as asthma or snoring? If so, you should be vacuuming your carpets three times per week – at a minimum. Additionally, you should probably have a professional clean your carpets at least once a year.

If you’re not sure what all the fuss is about, here are the three main benefits of carpet cleaning:

Eliminating Trapped Pollutants

In addition to retaining the standard dirt and dust, a dirty carpet can be home to many other sources of indoor air pollutants. Some of the more common offenders include particle pollution, lead, cockroach allergens and pet dander. These particles also attract toxic gases released through everyday activities like walking or vacuuming. After a while, these gases will start contaminating the air in your home.

Professional carpet cleaning companies like Coastline Environmental Solutions, generally use special shampooing formulas to deal with these bacteria. As for the pollutants buried deep inside your carpet, the best solution is to use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to extract them.

Combating Dust Mite Infestations

Dust mite infestations are actually a fairly common issue, but most homeowners aren’t aware of it. Why is that? For one thing, dust mites are barely visible with the naked eye, measuring approximately 0.2 to 0.3 millimeters in length.

For such small creatures, dust mites can cause a lot of inconvenience. They often leave feces and body fragments behind them, and inhaling them can easily exacerbate allergies. The best way to handle this problem is to expose your carpet to temperatures that are high enough to kill dust mites. For example, steam cleaning is an easy and quick way to sanitize your carpet.

Preventing Mold Growth

A dirty carpet in a high-humidity area can be a breeding ground for many types of mold. Providing enough moisture finds its way into your carpet, it will end up sinking deep into the fibers. If you’re not paying attention, you will soon have mold in your carpet.

How do you prevent this from happening? Well, cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is a good first step. However, you can always take some additional measures to eliminate moisture and stop mold growth in its tracks. You can use a lot of high-powered drying tools for this job, but we recommend hiring a professional company like Coastline Environmental Solutions. We use important equipment like a commercial dehumidifier which is usually the best choice for removing moisture.

Author: Vince

Vincent J. Attardo is the President/CEO of Coastline Environmental Solutions, Inc. He provides Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations, mold and bacteria testing, water damage/mold remediation and repair, and is available for consultation and public speaking. For more information please visit www.coastlineclean.com. Readers may contact him at 800-847-3867 or email at [email protected]