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Most households have carpet out of necessity. Carpets assist in making the house and the floor warm all year round and help filter out dry particulate soil that would often go airborne. Carpet and cushion also helps with noise reduction and is much safer to play or fall on. Unfortunately, carpets are susceptible to stains, dust and other forms of dirt. Though there are many techniques of carpet cleaning, in most cases, special cleaning materials and detergents are needed to make the cleaning exercise effective. Have you been trying to clean your carpets unsuccessfully? If yes, it is high time you try cleaning your carpet like the professionals.

Carpet cleaning companies utilize several methods to clean your carpets. Every cleaning technique has its own advantages and shortcomings. Continue reading to learn a few of the most popular approaches to carpet cleaning and determine which method is a good fit for your application.

The 4 Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods

Absorbent/Encapsulation Technique

This method is often utilized when cleaning large areas of low pile carpet mostly in commercial settings.

How it works:

The absorbent/encapsulation method involves applying a light spray or moist powder either natural or synthetic based containing water and solvents directly on the soiled carpet. The encapsulate is then given time to dissolve the soils followed by agitation with a brush or bonnet. It is then allowed to dry and followed up with being vacuumed. The new technology encapsulation cleaning detergents encapsulate the soil on the carpet fibers and allow for them to be vacuumed off when dry. This technique is quick, straightforward and inexpensive as it consumes very little time. Even the most stubborn soils are efficiently cleaned out in good time.

Bonnet Method

This cleaning method is employed as a good interim maintenance system to remove the lightly soiled low pile carpet often in a commercial setting.

How it works:

The Bonnet technique is low moisture cleaning method where a rotating bonnet is used to wipe up or absorb soil and spots from the carpet. A Little amount of water is utilized during this cleaning method coupled with rubbing alcohol and in some cases carbonation along with special biodegradable detergents. This technique is especially efficient for cleaning large areas that may never be closed to foot traffic.

Shampoo method

Shampooing is a cleaning technique where a shampoo solution is used to clean carpets.

How it works
A high-quality cleaning agent is applied to alleviate debris and dirt in the carpet. This debris or dirt is then suspended by the mechanical action of the rotary machine and the foam created from the cleaning agent. This foam and soil is then extracted by a deep cleaning vacuum. The Shampoo method is simple to apply, quick and inexpensive. The little amount of moisture used allows the carpet to dry very quickly as well. An alternative restorative method is to combine the mechanical agitation of the brush with hot water rinse extraction. It takes a little longer to dry but is very effective for deep soil removal.

Hot Water Extraction (Steam cleaning technique)

Steam cleaning is the most common carpet cleaning method used by most people as well as many professionals.

How it works:

This technique involves through vacuuming of the carpet as well as all the methods listed above prior to cleaning the carpet. The carpet is then subjected to heated and pressurized detergent solution to remove grime, dust, and other forms of soil from the carpet. For an even deeper clean, you may apply a pre-conditioner on your carpet and allow it to dwell for 5-10 minute prior to cleaning and rinsing. The pre-spray helps to emulsify the soil and suspends it for easier rinsing and extraction.

As you can see; carpet cleaning requires vast specialized knowledge. It’s therefore highly recommended that you leave the task in the hands of professionals who specialize in carpet cleaning. A professional carpet cleaning company will have the knowledge and experience to properly care for your carpet.

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