4 Steps to Best Handle a Water Damage Situation

water-damage-image December 9, 2016 5:34 pm

One of the most devastating things to happen to a home has got to be water damage. If something happens to your house with water, it can cause major damage and if not taken care of it may cause even more damage in the future. Water can easily damage your walls, floors, and even the very structure of your house. Apart from that, water damage often causes the accelerated growth of mold and fungus which can carry some very serious health hazards. It is therefore very important that you get the source of the moisture fixed immediately. The following is some of the things you need to do;

Act fast

This is the most important part when it comes to water damage. This is because the faster you act, the lesser the damage on the home or building due to the water. Also, due to the extent of damage caused by the water, getting started on the insurance claim is also quite prudent. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that to prevent the growth of mold and fungus, the area damaged by the water needs to begin dying out within 48-72 hours. Under the right conditions mold can begin growing in as little as 24-48 hours.

Use caution

Immediately you are aware of a water situation in your home, the first step should be to turn off your power to prevent electrocution. After you are sure the power is off, you can now venture into the damaged area and see what the problem is. If it is a leak, find the origin of the leak and turn off the water to prevent further damage.

Regularly inspect your home

It is important to know the subtle sign of water damage in your home. If it is a burst pipe or a flood, you can easily spot it. However, if it’s a small leak, it might go unnoticed and thus damage your property slowly without your knowledge. Regularly checking bathrooms, kitchen and the laundry room can save you a headache later.

Remove the water

Depending on the amount of water, there are several methods whereby you can remove the water from the home. If it’s just a minor situation, you could always air dry by letting free air flow in the room or use an air mover (fan) and a dehumidifier. If the damage is more extensive, you should hire a professional water damage restoration company who has the knowledge and proper drying equipment to assist you.

Apart from drying the house, it’s also very important to completely dry out the valuables that are there e.g. contents, furniture and valuable rugs. This will remove the risk of mold and water damage and prevent the home or building from smelling funky.

As always use extreme caution when trying to handle water damage in your home. You should consult with a professional company such as Coastline Environmental Solutions, Inc. about any damage to your property to ensure any testing, drying or cleanup is conducted safely.

Author: Vince

Vincent J. Attardo is the President/CEO of Coastline Environmental Solutions, Inc. He provides Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations, mold and bacteria testing, water damage/mold remediation and repair, and is available for consultation and public speaking. For more information please visit www.coastlineclean.com. Readers may contact him at 800-847-3867 or email at [email protected]