5 Carpet Cleaning Secrets That are Good to Know

5 Carpet Cleaning Secrets That are Good to Know January 10, 2018 9:30 am

No matter how thorough you are with cleaning your carpet, you’ll eventually have to deal with some stains, drops, moisture, dust and dirt. If the issue is significant enough, your best choice of action would be to call a professional. However, sometimes you just need a little hint. To that end, here are 5 carpet cleaning secrets from the actual experts.

1. Heat Wax

Are you using candles in your house? If so, you might have some wax dripping onto your carpet from time to time. The best way to remove said wax after it’s already dried is to use the heating method. Put a white cloth over the wax, and then warm it up by placing the iron on top of it. Finally, use a butter knife to scrape the wax off. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use the iron for more than 30 seconds.

2. Shaving Cream

When it comes to possible solutions for general stains, shaving cream is particularly effective. Simply dab some on the stain, and then let it sit for approximately half an hour. Once it’s settled in, use a dry cloth to blot the cream away. After you’ve done that, all that’s left is to spray the area with some vinegar and water.

3. Ice Cubes

If chewing gum finds a way onto your carpet, you might have trouble taking it out with conventional methods. The solution? A couple of ice cubes from your freezer should do the trick. Use them to freeze the gum, then follow it up by lifting the glob with a spoon. You might have to cut some carpet strands that are too close to the gum, but the damage shouldn’t be too noticeable.

4. Club Soda

You’ve probably heard that soda is effective against alcohol stains, but that’s only true if you know how to use it. First, put some soda on a cloth and blot the stained area. After that, spray the area with a mixture of water and white vinegar, and let it soak in for about 15 minutes. Keep repeating this process until the stain is completely eradicated.

5. Dishwasher Detergent

Grease stains on a carpet can be annoying to deal with. Generally speaking, the best solution here is to use a common grease-cutting dishwasher detergent. As it turns out, these detergents don’t really care whether the greases are on your dishes or in the carpet. Spraying some on the stain and blotting it up should do the trick, but larger stains may demand multiple attempts.

Author: Vince

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