5 Spring Cleaning Tips from the Experts

Although spring cleaning is probably not on top of your list, it is a task that most homeowners have to do. Here is a quick guide to get spring cleaning done efficiently. March 7, 2018 10:00 am

Many of us don’t bother with deep cleaning during the winter. Unfortunately, that means some parts of your home will have months of grime and dust accumulated on them once spring comes around. If you don’t feel like spending your entire weekend on cleaning, you’ll have to utilize some shortcuts. To that end, here are 5 tips for efficient spring cleaning.

1. Develop a Plan

First of all, you’ll need some multi-function supplies. Microfiber cloths and mops are a must, but also need some vinegar, baking soda, and non-abrasive cleaners can be helpful. For heavy-duty cleaning, we recommend a steam cleaner and a vacuum with edger and bristle attachments.

Before you start the cleaning process, you may want to think about your priorities. Tackling a low-traffic space — for example, a dining room — should prepare you for tougher tasks ahead. Remember to clean top-to-bottom and back-to-front, as this will help you avoid any unnecessary backtracking.

2. Windows and Curtains

In order to clean your windows efficiently, you’ll have to rely on multitasking. Start by taking off any fabric treatments from the windows and throw them in a cool dryer for 15 minutes. This should give you enough time to clean your windows with a dampened eyeglass-grade microfiber cloth. Then, go over the woodwork trim with a regular dampened microfiber cloth. Finally, remove your window treatments from the dryer and hang them right away to prevent wrinkling.

3. Rugs and Carpeting

Instead of removing all furniture from the room before vacuuming, it’s better to just move it out of the way as you’re going around. Keep in mind to roll up your rugs and vacuum the surface underneath them. In rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting, use the edger attachment on any spaces where the floor meets the baseboard. You can also use a bristle attachment to clean the baseboards themselves.

4. Hard-Surface Floors

Did you know a steam cleaner is really good at cleaning hardwood, vinyl, tile, and laminate floors? It’s particularly effective in the bathroom, where it pulls dirt from grout and uneven tiles in no time. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, you can always sprinkle a hard-surface floor with a floor cleaner of your choice and wipe it with a microfiber mop.

5. The Bathroom

Of course, cleaning the bathroom is about more than mopping the floor. For instance, you should probably remove soap and mildew scum from your shower curtain liner. Toss it into the washing machine — along with some fluffy towels and some detergent — and then put it in the dryer. Keep it on low heat for ten minutes, and it will look as good as new.

Stains around your faucet, toilet and other hard-to-reach spots are best cleaned with a steam cleaner nozzle. Simply aim the nozzle in their general direction, and watch grime and dirt get flushed out. Finish it off by wiping the area with a microfiber cloth.

For deeper cleaning needs, please get in touch with the team at Coastline Environmental Solutions. We offer affordable solutions for rug and carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, and Air Duct and Ventilation cleaning. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our service can refresh your home or office.

Author: Vince

Vincent J. Attardo is the President/CEO of Coastline Environmental Solutions, Inc. He provides Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations, mold and bacteria testing, water damage/mold remediation and repair, and is available for consultation and public speaking. For more information please visit www.coastlineclean.com. Readers may contact him at 800-847-3867 or email at [email protected]