General Cleaning

You can expect standard janitorial services such as: carpet care, hard-surface, and floor cleaning and maintenance including mopping and dusting.

The Level 1 cleaning and application of disinfectant services include the fogging and spraying application of disinfectant to all readily- accessible surfaces within a room(s).

HTP Cleaning

Certification for Level 2 is a little more comprehensive and meticulous and includes Level 1 services in addition to services mentioned below for use against the virus that causes COVID-19.

Coastline Environmental Solutions, Inc. will clean and apply EPA-approved disinfectants, using hand-wiping and mechanical processes, on office surfaces and objects with disinfectants, leave the disinfectant in contact for 5 minutes proper dwell time, and give it an opportunity to have proper ventilation during and after the application.


A level 3 cleaning is generally recommended for professional restoration contractors. It the same as Level 2 plus non HTP’s such as walls (6’ and below), floors and other large surface areas.

HTP, Non HTP + Porous

A level 4 cleaning is recommended for professional restoration contractors. It is the same as Level 3 plus wall to wall cleaning/disinfecting carpets, chairs and seat cushions.

HTP, Non HTP, Porous + HVAC

A level 5 cleaning is recommended for professional restoration contractors. It is the same as Level 4 plus application of EPA approved HVAC disinfectant. We make sure to use EPA approved HVAC chemicals in accordance with manufacturer specifications and in compliance with NADCA. National Air Duct Cleaners Association. We have NADCA certified ASCS, Air System Cleaning Specialist on staff working for you for the health and safety of your associates and team members

Covid-19 Certified

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