Important Fact about Water Damage Restoration

image December 28, 2016 5:54 pm

Water damage can occur in a home or a commercial establishment due to several causes and sometimes when it is least expected. Although obvious damages can be evident on items and other properties like water-soaked carpet and furniture in a home, homeowners should be aware that there are other hazards that would put the inhabitants of a home at risk.

This is exactly why water damage restoration is so important. Water damage restoration is always beneficial whenever there has been water damage to your property. Calling in a team of experts ensures that the job to restore the damaged is done quickly and right. Some people might think that water damage restoration is a DIY job. However, if you don’t do it right, you might put your property and residents there at risk.

Health Hazards Related to Damage from Water

The first and biggest risk is the health one. When a home is exposed to water for a long time, such as the occurrence of floods or sewage backups, there is the concern for the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Some of these microorganisms may contain harmful mycotoxins that may be harmful to humans and can cause dangerous reactions such as pathogenic diseases, immune disorders and even cancer. Some people who are exposed to these pathogens exhibit symptoms and allergic reactions that include disorientation, dizziness, nausea, painful headaches, diarrhea, chronic asthma, skin rashes, fatigue and open sores.

As professionals, we are well equipped in handling situations such as these. We use personal protective equipment such as protective eye wear, suits, gloves, boots and respirators with an N-95 filter. These things are important because the mold can become airborne while it is being removed.

Structural Risks Associated with Water Damage

When the structure of the house is exposed or soaked in water for a prolonged period, it can cause certain negative effects and subsequent damages to the structure. These effects include the following:

* Direct damage to the structural materials can result in structural instability. This includes weakening of the wall boards, weakening of the ground earth integrity, twisting and tilting of the support columns, termite damage and more.

* Malfunctions in the electrical system can cause short circuits leading to shock or fires. Water can also cause considerable damage to electronics, electrical appliances and other components.

* Prolonged exposure to water can cause corrosion to gas pipes, which eventually may result in leaks. Gas leaks can cause gas poisoning or even fires.

* Damage from water to household possessions and other parts of the house including damage to items, peeling of paints, stains on furnishings and textiles, and damaged documents like books, photographs, and parchments.

When these damages continue unabated, it will create further damage to other structural components like metals, wood and even masonry. These damages can become very evident and will eventually lead to a significant decrease in the property value of the home and in worst cases the home becomes uninhabitable and would lose value in the market.

Effective steps are needed to tackle these health and structural hazards which come after water damage. It is better to prevent a problem than to solve it. If you have any water damage, call a professional company like Coastline Environmental Solutions, Inc. that will take care of this problem quickly and efficiently.

Author: Vince

Vincent J. Attardo is the President/CEO of Coastline Environmental Solutions, Inc. He provides Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations, mold and bacteria testing, water damage/mold remediation and repair, and is available for consultation and public speaking. For more information please visit Readers may contact him at 800-847-3867 or email at [email protected]