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Washing rugs is an activity which many people feel they can handle effortlessly from home. However, most rugs require expert care. This is because experts have methods of safely removing deeply set in dust and dirt that makes its way deep into the bottom of the rug. This soil found in carpets and rugs is dry particulate, fibrous and insoluble. Rug cleaning experts are also experienced in the proper handling of delicate rugs such as 100% Wool Oriental Rugs, Silk, Flat weaves, Flokati, Hand-Hooked and specialty rugs that have their own inherent cleaning problems. Having a well-cleaned rug is exciting to every homeowner because a professionally cleaned rug protects you, your family and pets from all types of contaminants and allergens. A poorly cleaned rug can expose you to health concerns such as respiratory problems, or skin infections. We are going to review a few rug cleaning secrets which you can employ on your own to make cleaning your rug at home effective.

How Often Should You Undertake Rug Cleaning?

Professionals recommend that you clean your rugs weekly especially if they are heavily used. You should vacuum them every week to remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated in the rug. However, rugs that get used occasionally can get cleaned every two weeks. Spot-cleaning should also be undertaken immediately when spills occur. You can easily clean spots when they are still fresh, rather than wait until they dry and cake into stubborn fibers or turn into stains that are not easily removed.

Fast Action Is Better:

Most people allow their rugs to get too dirty. This makes the cleaning process tedious and more difficult after a period of time. To make your rug cleaning pleasant and easier, try to take care of any dirt as soon as possible. For example, remove any spills as soon as they take place. Developing such a habit will avoid situations where the rug develops stubborn stains, which can be complicated to remove.

Go For The Safest Cleaning Products

Wise decisions on rug cleaning products is another important secret. A majority of people always make the mistake of choosing harsh products while trying to achieve the best rug cleaning results. However, these people end up damaging their rugs. When selecting your rug cleaning products, look for efficient but safe products that are on the acidic or neutral ph. Side. There are countless choices when it comes to effective cleaning products that are harmless to your health. You may also find some green products which are very friendly to the environment and still pack powerful cleaning power. Just do a little research and start enjoying safe and better results every time.

Choose Cleaning Equipment Wisely

The cleaning equipment you use not only matters in time-saving, but also in achieving the best results every single time you clean your rug. You should, therefore, make sure that you use the proper equipment for your application when cleaning your rugs. The cleaning technique you choose may also determine the equipment you need.

Let Innovative Technology Be Your Friend

Another secret professionals apply is the utilization of cutting edge drying and cleaning technology. There are countless advanced drying and cleaning techniques, which you can use to achieve the best results within a short time. Quick drying times help prevent many rug cleaning problems like color running, bleeding, shrinkage, warping and more. What you need to do is to choose the method carefully based on your desired outcome. If you do so, you’ll end up finding it much easier to safely clean and dry your rugs that used to give you worries before.

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