Water Damage

Is your property flooded with water?
Knowing how to respond is key to not only restoring your home but also restoring your peace.

Do you know what to do when water damage brings a flood of problems? Coastline does. When a leaky roof, flood, sewage backup or overflowing washer damages your carpet, floors, walls or ceilings, our courteous technicians can get your building dry and your life back to normal, fast:

  • Emergency Response, 24/7 – Certified Water Damage technicians will arrive within 60 minutes to solve your immediate concerns and provide you with a safer living and working environment.
  • Water Extraction – Powerful truck-mounted equipment completely removes unwanted water from your business, home and crawl spaces.
  • Structural Drying – Our turbo-dryers and advanced drying systems can dry and restore wet carpets, flooring, walls or ceilings to prevent dry rot, mold/fungi and other damages.
  • Dehumidification & Deodorization – We’ll dehumidify your business or home and remove, unwanted moisture and odors to reduce any health risks.
  • Water Damage Restoration – We’re a Licensed General Contractor and a Master Restorer who can repair water damage and put your home and business back together again.

Water damage can happen suddenly, without any warning. The results of such damage can be dramatic. A flooded home is among the worst problems a homeowner would ever experience. However, in the unfortunate event that it does happen, you can get professional assistance, which reduces the impact of the resultant damage. Seeking expert help should be done as quickly as possible.

Why You Should Get the Job Done Right Quickly

Water damage restoration process should be commenced within the shortest time possible. Immediate response to the emergency often reduces remediation costs and is also a preventive measure against the growth of molds and other contaminants that breed well in wet areas.

If the water is left for too long, there is a possibility that the air will absorb the stagnated water and redistribute the moisture to the ceiling and the wall. This will leave you with the secondary damage that you will also have to deal with, at an extra cost of course.

Other secondary damages that you might have to deal with include loosening of the vinyl from the floor sagging, cracking of the plaster on the walls, and colonization of mold spores within 48 hours.

Water Damage Restoration Experts are Just a Call Away

Water damage can be as a result of broken plumb lines or can be caused by inclement weather. Since the damage can happen at any time of day or night, our team of experts is always ready to attend to you whenever you need our services. We not only dry up the excess water but we strive to leave your home completely dry and back to its original condition. We guarantee you that if our services do not meet the generally accepted standards; we will come back and fix it without any additional charge.

Contact one of our experts today to discuss any water damage restoration needs for your home.