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  •   I contacted Vince from Coastline about cleaning a rug that had dog urine stains, he assured me that he had the expertise to handle such a job. The rug was... read more

    thumb Matthew B.

      A client of mine in Aliso Viejo had a water heater leak in the slab, this went into an adjacent bedroom/bath. Vince was prompt in arriving the same day, addressing... read more

    thumb Bryan R.

      Vince did a great job helping a client of mine with a home he was buying in Long Beach.  The home had mold issues and Vince gave my client a... read more

    thumb Pat C.
  •   Per our conversation via text on Monday 9/17/2018. What was agreed upon was "Mold treatment of the affected structural components if necessary for $200." However, the written Proposal that you... read more

    thumb Derek T.

      My brother had a flood from a plumbing issue and I have known Vincent for many years so, he was top of mind for me to refer his services to... read more

    thumb Pamela B.

      There is an old saying "Don't ever ask a barber whether you need a haircut".  Well, that is CERTAINLY the case when talking to mold remediation specialists about mold.  So... read more

    thumb Alex B.
  •   If I could give 10 stars, I would. I had a toilet leak in my condo, going into the unit below me, called Vince and was able to get someone... read more

    thumb Nadiah A.

      i had an emergency with my water heater leaking and it was after they were closed but vince helped me over the phone very calmy while i was freaking out... read more

    thumb Joey H.

      My contact with these folks started out fine.  I expected that repairing a faucet leak on a Sunday would be expensive.  Over $1,000 and I purchased the faucet.

    Access to the... read more

    thumb Tracy M.
  •   I called hoping I would get some guidance because I have been so concerned that my daughter might have been exposed to toxic mold, how it is on her furniture... read more

    thumb Cindy L.

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Izb Karasuwa March 5, 2023

Vince did a great job helping a client of mine analyze the mold damage on a home he was buying and coming up with a comprehensive game plan to make the home safe and comfortable to live in. I recommend Vince and his company highly. Pat C

Pat Cassara March 4, 2023

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Sphesihle Xola Ndlovu November 4, 2022
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Based on 37 Reviews

Plumbing mold and water damage specialists

jo li August 21, 2016

They really know how to work with the insurance companies to get your water damage repaired right.

J Supp (Chibagato) April 13, 2017

Vince is the best. I had another company in to do an inspection for mold at my house they looked over the house for 30 minutes and came back with a huge job at a big price. I had Vince come out for a second opinion, he was there 4 hours and was very thorough. He only found mold in the bathrooms. He completed the mold abatement job in less time than expected and went the extra mile making sure we could use one bathroom until the repairs would be completed. I would use Coastline again for all of their services if needed.

Pastor Tia October 17, 2017

Thorough, pleasant professional, responsive to client needs.

Jennifer LeBrun December 5, 2017

Great service and very professional. Quick service! Have had them out twice and they did a wonderful job both times!! Will use again!

Suzan McHenry January 1, 2018

Our refrigerator water line sprung a leak and wouldn’t shut off, Vince and his team came through once again to save the day. They quickly came over and assessed the damage, inspecting for water in the walls, and took action to prevent any additional damage by bringing in heaters and fans to dry out our house lickety-split. Coastline has the team and equipment to get the job done, and they are my first call when I’m in need of remediation work done.

Keir Jones August 10, 2018
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